General Funding Guidelines

Because there are so many deserving organizations serving our communities, if your organization received a grant last year, you will not be eligible this year. Since grants are awarded in November of each year, we ask that the project or program you are requesting funding for not take place until after November.

Eligible Organizations

Tax exempt organizations under Section 501(c)(3) recognized as being public charities (and not private foundations) under Section 509(a) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Geographic Emphasis

Stimson Lumber Company is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, with principal operations in Northwest Oregon, Eastern Washington, and Northern Idaho.

Organizations interested in receiving funds from The Stimson-Miller Foundation must be located within the regions of Stimson Lumber Company operations. Please see the Stimson Lumber website to verify whether your organization meets our geographic requirements prior to submitting an application.

Please Note: While geographic location is the first step for determining eligibility, it is merely one of many criteria considered when deciding grant recipients.

Funding Priorities

The Stimson-Miller Foundation accepts grant requests from civic, cultural, educational, and health and human services organizations where the funding is not in furtherance of religious or political activities. Priority is given to initiatives that originate with the owners of Stimson Lumber Company. Such shareholder-driven initiatives must meet the standards of funding priority and merit required of all grant requests approved. Preference is given to specific program support over general operational support and capital campaigns. The Foundation will generally not support endowment campaigns or traditionally taxpayer supported organizations or activities. Annual fund appeals are discouraged, even if the organization was recently successful in obtaining funding from the Foundation. The Foundation does not commonly make multi-year grants, and allows only one multi-year grant to be outstanding at any given time.

Stimson Lumber Company has a substantial commitment to the education of children of employees through sponsorship and financial support of a formal scholarship program. As a consequence, the Foundation will not support grant requests related to scholarships, or other tuition assistance programs.

The Foundation shall not support a charitable organization whose purpose in whole or in part is to oppose the legitimate activities of businesses operating in the forest products industry.